Leaders Testimonies

James Dutton

Full time graduate student, former NCAA DI athlete26 years old.

Doing the 2 week cleanse with Michael was a game changer. at first I felt like I had all the answers, but doing the one on one sessions helped me clear out the noise and focus on the obstacles I was facing. After each session I was able to prepare myself for the coming week of healthy decision making. By filling out the questionnaires and taking the time to look inward, I was able to see that I was chasing quick fixes more so than long term success. Michael helped open my eyes to how powerful consistency can be in my health journey. Michael never gave me answers, rather he gave me exercises and tools that let me lead myself to the answers I needed. Mike’s personal yet professional demeanor made the hour long coaching sessions fly by as it felt more like chatting with a friend than being instructed on little details. I highly recommend the two week cleanse to anyone trying to kick of their health journey, and I think Michael is the perfect coach for anyone no matter the stage of their life, or the experiences they bring to the first session.