Leaders Programs (services)

Leadership Call = Free 30:Minutes

-Builed Relationship -Learn each other’s hustle- build a work together Mindset

14 Day Cleanse = $50.00 1:Hour sessions per week

Clarity- the quality of Beliefs – paradigms shifts – being coherent and intelligible

Preparation- 4 Day Action Guide

Creativity- Water Intake Guide, Magic Plate Plan

Young, Wild, Free Program $20 4 Weeks 1:Hour sessions per Week

The Young- 6 W’s (who, what, when, where, why, how) clearing the clutter in your life, maximizing your time, “knowing where the Young Life in you is the life for you”

The Wild- Saying yes to “self” ( saying yes to the positives and the negtives in your life) commiting to your Calender and self

The Free- The Big “5” in your life (Money, Health, Relationships, to what is greater, you) The needle mover in these area of your life that we can decreas the tension and build freedom in the big “5” in your life!

1 Month Active Eating Challenge – Price:$50/ Discounted $40 1:Hour sessions per week

Sleep-Practice regular sleep rhymes, Create an aesthetic environment in your Bedroom, and helps reset the body’s circadian rhythm.

Energy- Balancing Blood sugar, Maintain A Steady Metabolism. and reduce inflammation.

Movement- Discovering the movement that helps destress moods and sustains energy, Makes you feel like a kid again.

Performance (Sports, Work, Family) Coaching- $80 -8 weeks. $100- 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Conditioning- Unique Body, Healthy Habits, Healthy Foods

Mindset- Beliefs, Unhealthy Behaviors, Emotional Freedom Technique

Preparation- 6w’s Checklist, The Transformation Process, Yes to Self

Money Coaching – $60- 6 weeks, $100 – 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Habits- techniques how to spend, income creation, family

Behaviors- Fear of money, value your money “self-worth”

Learn your Math- Money Goal Setting, Transformation Process, yes to Self.

Love Coaching – $60- 6 weeks, $100 – 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Relationship- Partnership, Emotional Freedom Technique, Love Language

Gratitude- Self love, Self Care, and Security of Self

Appreciation- Sabotage Positive & Negative self talk, Goal setting

Spiritual Coaching – $90- 8 weeks, $120- 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Discipleship- Identity, Beliefs, Mindset

Stewardship- Goal Setting, Habit change, The big 5

Gut Wisdom- Prayer, Revision, Guidence

Career Coaching – $80- 8 weeks, $100- 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Mindset- Say yes to Self, Laser focus building, Revision

Energy- Habits, stress, Fears

Beliefs- Paradigms, Programing, Behaviors

Health Coaching – invest $20 in total $150 12 weeks 1:Hour sessions per week

Nutrition- Healthy/Unhealthy foods, Eating actives, & magic Plate

Nourishment- Water intake plan, Hunger scale, How- to activities

Digestive- 20- minute meal journal, The be Naughty Menu, Sensual Eating