Jobs I believe I can invest my Lifestyle in.

These jobs, are jobs, that help me transform and keep me grounded about where I want to invest my life to grow in areas that matter to me. In the fields of choice, I know how much stress my mind and body can handle, I know in these job fields I have control of where change is coming to keep myself prepared and proactive to be ready for the next door and opportunity.

The Jobs:







Where God built his dominate trait, He was a tree a strong tree that understood if he was around sinners, mockers, the wicked. He wouldn’t be in connection with his thoughts for what he believed in and he didn’t bare his fruit for the ones that didn’t respect his law day and night. God knows we aren’t perfect like him to always wither the storm and keep ourselves stable. But, what we can not do is forget what fruits he had blessed us all with to be trees to stand, tall, and strong. God helped us get there. Because we believe in his word day an night, same with a job mike, your work place will have sinners, mockers, and wicked surrounding you. But having all that there you have in the mist of his presents as the lord will always be there with you. He has made you stronger then any mocker or sinner in that work environment. Michael you have to believe in what God has put you on this earth to do. You need to stay to his word, his love, his presents Michael. He is the approval Michael you need to fulfill your purpose of whatever job you want to have and succeed. God is your Only approval, Michael you just need to learn to work with the system, that God knows you can fight through those growing pains with people that are over baring to you. Michael all this has to stop, you have the right Michael to respect yourself so DO THAT!

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