What do I want as “my Lifestyle” routine.

* I like going to bed at the latest 12 midnight.

* I like waking up the earliest 4-30am-5:30am.

* To end my day, I will take jersey out for a walk and come back in and eat, pray, and study and build the game plan for the next day.

* My mornings jersey my dog and I will go out for a jog and then workout (at home). eat breakfast or have a nice smoothie or protein shakes.

* Next i will hop in the shower, get dressed and brush my teeth.

* also i would like to read/ write twice a day at least give myself 30mins.

I would breakdown my reading/ writing sessions into two 15min sessions or just two complete 30mins session, either way I am still getting reading and writing twice in my day. when I sit down to take the time to write within my 15min/ 30mins I write about goals that I have set for myself. The first set of goals that I list to myself are the goals that I have achieved from my past to give me this suitable foundation of who I am now. The next set of goals I write are the goals that keep me effective, intuitive, and aware of myself in my present day to day actions that I serve myself or others in the best abilities and talents I have to get the job done. Last I always have to give myself goals for the future that helps me build trust in myself that the little things make sense and that I am doing them right by knowing I can still get better and have a better self-esteem and energy. when I read, I always plan for myself to read a chapter within the 30min sessions I give myself. The book can be any book (textbook, novel, magazine, bible) the whole point is to give yourself the approval within you that will help you grow and build you in new ways to approach goals with a start to finish mindset while knowing that time is on your side. While I take this time to read and understand the topic I am reading, this will help me in life somewhere in someway. Reading can be draining for most that’s why we create powerful short sessions to read, understand, and feel a sense of reliance from the old you into the new you from clarity, focus, and managing your time to benefit yourself.

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