My choices are “needs” or “changes”

Any job is a good job. I need to just be myself and trust that I can get through the stresses of the job intakes. I know that I have a big heart and my mindset is a little different, but I mean well. I know I am a leader. I know I can prepare myself to be apart of anything if I give myself the time and “EFFORT ” to be apart of that job. Make good money to survive and take care of my life.

(me) Not My best!

When I don’t work to make a living for myself.

I need to drive Uber & Lyft no matter what time of day or night with only 1-3hr breaks.

When I get a job that is not self employed, I will stay motivated to work for myself and to drive and save money for what matters because I will make the right choices.

Stop thinking someone else can work for you and find answers for you. You Figure your life out! Choose the right people to help you that includes yourself Michael.

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