Neurons connections to Niches or Habits

What are your niches? What are your habits? Are you connected to your niches or do your habits become your niche? Can your niche help save a bad habit that doesn’t fulfill the minds true connection to your optimal self?

My Niches are:

Exercise, Cardio, Weight lifting, yoga

Learning, Reading, Writing, Religious

Cleaning, Transportation, Hygiene, Social extrovert

All of these Michael, Could be everyday hobbies that I part take in to scale me up to the level of thinking of my Optimal self. For these to be natural and connected to you, there has to be peace, and presence of belonging and the awareness to know the tiggers that can have you tap into these mindfulness actions to have a synchronized transition into reality from toxic habits and Temptation. When I wasn’t be mindful of my niches and consistently acting them out. I fell into my toxic Temptations that were drinking, smoking, and dating sites these Temptations would come alter my life when I would focus my stress on myself to actually do one of my niches. Please understand your body and your mind will love you for staying consistent and persistent in the natural functional abilities to change and transition through your lifestyle. When you start reflecting, when you start trying to hit the restart button, when you take yourself to isolation, when you decide to let somebody else do the talking for you and not standing up to yourself telling yourself “NO”, your mind and body will steer away from consistency, your persistence niches that honor you. Now you have invited stress and focus to accomplish your niches instead of you living through peace and presence that comes with being natural and authentic to complete your niches and completely avoiding your toxic habits. The more we stay connected to our niches, The toxic neurons will die off as they will rarely be used to help you transition in and out of your niche to feel natural within yourself.

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