In this house lived my Landlord named Tammy, next were my roommates Dustin, Eric, and josh. we were a very cool group and we all were from different background and states (we all weren’t from Florida, but we all were in Florida for a purpose to fulfill out of ourselves in this time here together). I rented a room for $450, this was an affordable amount that I could hopefully save and maintain a living. My though going into this was taking one step at a time and people are people. That doesn’t change me, I WILL BELIEVE IN WHO I AM. I am not better than anyone but I do know I can work as hard as anyone as anyone if my team (ME) believes in ME. my environment that I create, and the universe CREATES the WORLD around me.

The CONS of the house

To many uncollected people.

To many distractions.

To many people carried their past.

No body had a budget.

We thought that were family , but really we used each other.

Saying no was hard.

The House was a blessing.

Tammy (The Landlord) she was a Blessing.

My roommates were awesome people.

Our sabotaged behaviors we all troubles with we put them on each other.

We pushed on each other instead of finding the right way.

We were procrastinators.

What could I have done BETTER

I know I stopped smoking, I didn’t need to a new habit now smoking blacks (black & mild’s) to fit in

I didn’t have to wait for roommates to be home I enjoyed my peace and silence

I was able to find space to put more focus on my life

I could build my relationships better with god

I could of looked for my pleasure and needs in the right choices not people

My Financial problems

weed & blacks (smoking)





car payment

car insurance

bank past due accounts

cars past due accounts



credit card


What I do need to pay for







car payments

car insurance

my life

**girlfriend if you have one or wife**

what I have given my life to



more then one girl

more time was spent not working

Thought: why do I believe if I put my head to do what I believe in, it makes everyone else suffer? or does it mike? if I tell everyone no I don’t want to smoke, I don’t want to drink, and no I don’t want to do anymore of those thing if they don’t make me happy. I am a self-starter and I am a survivor, with my lord. I need to stick with my routines that I have, and I won’t brake those routines for no body! but me and everyone else will respect the way that I respect myself through my words and my actions.

my Gifts

I love a challenge

I love hands on work

I love to write

I love music

I love to read

I love silence

Thought: but do I love these enough to do the right thing and stop smoking for the right job or for the woman and people in my life. or mike just stop smoking for your health for you just to live a better life for yourself. Is smoking, chasing after girls pleasing people all the time is all that good for your soul mike? is that really who I am? I need to discipline myself, the fight to discipline my heart will be hard. But that fight to discipline my heart will the best person for God, for my family, and for me. To live with the discipline I stamp my life is for me to respect no body else. I fight these battles to hold the standards I want live. I don’t hold my standards for anyone else. when I hold my standards to somebody else I would lose my standards, because the transparency is strong influence when your around others that aren’t contagious for what you do you can loose yourself in what they do if you are around them for to long. I don’t know why I give up on what I’ve learned not to think someone can help me be around the right people for my soul?

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