“The Move” “Renew” “Well Spoken”

I am Michal Lafenhagen, I moved to the state of Florida after college to a house in Orlando. I was starting a job at AMP Exposure I was an Marketing agent. Also I drove for Uber, I drove for them to help myself build self worth in the value of money, the experience to be self-employed, and to learn the city of Orlando. For me to do this in the first place, I had to lease a car, one, for me to have transportation, to have a living, and to drive Uber since I didn’t have my own vehicle moving down there. those two jobs were the two that would set my foundation my the beginning for me starting my life in Florida. The two jobs were the baby steps to open the doors to get me where I needed to be. But I forgot not only do I have to DEPEND on the JOB, I have to DEPEND on MYSELF too. The schedule I tried to give myself was to wake up, run early in the morning @ 4:30am-5:00am. That also meant I’m getting the most out of my day. This gave me a bedtime to be in bed by 11pm-11:30pm which means I would get 6 hours of sleep, and a full 19 hour days to accomplish my schedule each day. If I had to go the extra mile I did it with no hesitation. I would stay up late writing flash cards, study methods of marketing steps verbatim line-by-line. There was also night that I would balance studying and drive Uber to make I had the money to pay my bills and support the dream I was build in front of myself. With understanding all this I knew driving Uber was my motivation, to explore Florida to be more familiar with Orlando, was the best idea to keep the clarity in my head. I have moved to a beautiful state to live on my own, and start my dreams in a place where I would claim HOME. Now in this move to Florida I cut out smoking weed because I didn’t know if they would drug test, also to start a new life on the right foot. The only way that temptation was going to happen is if I would FUEL that conversation, the mindset of common interest, or just walking into someone and the have it in my presence. Now to keep me sound and sane in every string of events in the encounter with new people (all the time), Learning new ways to adapt (all the time), I wrote for myself 101 RULES I had to follow in order for me to know I have following the mindset, achieving the goals I set for myself, and to BE BETTER.

The Beginning of MY RECKLESS LOVE.

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