All you worked for and all you prayed for on all your sleepless nights are coming true now. Your destiny is in site of your control. War is what we are about to get into today when #1 vs #16. No one gives us a chance. However, SURVIVAL gives us a chance. A war means “Winners” “Are” “Rare!” That’s what war means to me. What makes war so sweet is that the WINNERS have survived the STORM, THE HATE, THE PAIN, and THE DISTRACTIONS of the battles they face and the battles they are in. I will survive this WAR because I have a great BROTHERHOOD, FAMILY, and A TEAM of SXU Cougars. My brothers that know winning isn’t RARE. Let’s see how well another team wants to survive against us! We will put you in the GROUND EVERY PLAY! WE WILL BRING THE BATTLEFIELD! It means to us that “WINNERS” “ARE” “RELENTLESS”!

The Warrior in me with the Warrior in you!

Michael Lafenhagen 

2 thoughts on “Survive

  1. Well let you know I read your article I see you went threw the war and came out stronger then you thought you wouldn’t be I’m glad mike you have this mind set because you really are a comfort aka relieve of stress because your sister loves you and always say my brother talk about everything and yes I read your article I am a warrior a wounded one but came threw it still have a long journey on my way so the war still goes on just know I’m stronger then once I was before so I feel like the next war can all ways be handle well if you over came the rest of the battles what dont kill you make you stronger always kept that in my head when I face a war I thought I couldn’t beat and that’s finding me again but thanks again mike for the positive article pray ppl see this and realize that they can over come anything if you just realize it’s you that can make that change but these articles should help ppl told open up and fight again and get back and that war and win win win and stand on it

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