Set The Tone.

Today we play Saint Francis University! I was talking to Doug this morning and I asked him, “Do you like to get roudy before a game?” He told me that he likes to visualize in his head the plays he is going to see and the big plays he will make, because he is a big time player! I noticed that we all do that before a game. Sit around listening to music in our ears–FOCUS! Visualizing the plays we are going to make or the big plays we are going to get, because we are play-makers! What I want to know are the plays you are thinking about. Are they going to set the tone to where your team knows that you wanted to mark yourself as setting the tone? As that play will win the game and you will win that play with your team because YOU SET THE TONE! I still ask myself, “What in the tone to this team!?” I know we’ve got heart! We are blessed to play this game! I know we are smart, because we play for one of the best programs in NAIA! Here is my question to all of you, “Is your SPIRIT in this?” The spirit is what makes you believe in what you’re visualizing in your head to make you JUST DO IT! But it cannot just be you! That’s where you’re spirit and setting the tone comes in! We play on this TEAM, Saint Xavier, and in this program the spirit is already invested to win! But I ask this team, “Is it in your SPIRIT not just to win every play today, not just to win as your responsibility, but know in your spirit right now that you are going to SET THE TONE?” Win together! For that to happen, you let those spirits speak loudly because in football plays are EXCITING, CONFIDENT, RELENTLESS, CRAZY, COURAGEOUS, and FUN! Let’s SET THE TONE today and ROCK the stadium! FLIP the SWITCH! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! Till they know we are TOO MUCH because we SET THE TONE! Have a voice and a presence that don’t need to be liked or respected today! FEED off each other and SET THE TONE with ME, because WE ARE TOO MUCH!

Michael Lafenhagen #44

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