The One Bar Home Workout!

The spirit lifting, blood flowing, stress release, heart regulated, muscle hypertrophy, synchronize body movement workout.
25lb. bar, (2) 25lb. Plates. Total 75lbs.
Full body workout.

Fractured timed home workout, sets of 1-4, reps of 5, 10, 15, 20 or burn out. One set takes 7 to 8mins to do. Once you master the circuit in total the workout all 4 sets take 25-30 mins. Do the same amount of reps for every set and for every exercise. This is not a pyramid workout. The 4th set, once you hit the number of reps for that exercise and you’re feeling GREAT! SAY! “ONE MORE” BURN OUT!!!After hit 30mins of cardio running, jumping rope, or walking. Also, 10-30 mins of meditation or yoga.

Free weights (Dumbbells can be a great start and asset for this workout for beginners) Also younger/older males and females should start with dumbbells a weight you can handle to keep great posture,support, and energy through the exercise of each body movement.

Breathing techniques: inhale on the contraction movements and exhale in extension. Breath in through your nose, let all the air out through your mouth.

Synchronized circuit workout!💯🔐💪🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

Push ups.

Roll out abs.

Bicep curls.

Standing shoulder press.

Standing over head tricep extensions.


Stationary lunges Rt/Lt in front.

High pulls.

Straight back bent over row.

Trust the process, Michael Lafenhagen

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