Proverbs 28 June 10, 2014

My amazing God you have done great things since I have been home with opening my heart and soul. Not just for me to see and realize, but for all ages of people to understand that You can be the light of their path too. I enjoyed singing on Sunday. I plan on singing again in the choir next Sunday. Lord, I really felt your love and presence with me singing in the choir. God, keep the light and praise over Taylor Sollers and the Litchfield’s. These two family friends of mine have warm hearts just like I do for anyone person that comes across them for help. Let them know their hearts are filled with You, Lord. They will always live joyfully with You. You make all things peaceful and all things great and passionate in ways that people don’t think they have in that time frame, but they really do have it. We just have to study with You, Lord, and more doors will open and more blessings will come from You. We will all grow in Your image. Understanding and maturing is Your purpose of how you want us to spread our love and joy on this earth through Your amazing name, Jesus!

I pray Amen! Michael Lafenhagen

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