Proverbs 23,24

I’m happy, Lord, I’m happy for everything You have built into my life. That makes me who I am today. You’re amazing in what You do with the kind of family, friends, and people You have put around me to guide me and keep me happy. Bless all the ages of kids to adults that You have placed in my life. They are all good people. They have helped me to be a great person and stay on the right track. Lord, I do ask of You to guard me. Let the spirit You have built in my heart shine bright through the smile You put on my face. Let people know that my smile, eyes, and tongue speak the three spirits of You! I want them to see that I am happy with my life! In any moment or situation (good or bad), I will walk with You all day everyday and sleep at peace at night with You.

Amen, Michael Lafenhagen

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