Proverbs 13,14,15

You have the shape (body), mind, soul, work ethic, and heart, and passion. Mike use them for God’s love for you!

The start of my last week of school before finals, Lord, I love you! I will say I still struggle with my time management of what needs to be done before I go smoke a cig, weed, or drink or hang out with girls. Lord, I turn 21 in 5 months. Once that happens, I will really be out here in this crazy world where I can drink every night and meet girls. Now, Michael Lafenhagen, what do you really want in your life, your dream and passion? Is it really playing the game of football which you will love for the rest of your life? The Lord will bless you with everything in your life if you do follow the path He has for you to follow. God will take care of you, Mike. You just have to trust Him day in and day out no matter what life brings, Lay down the map and try to walk. It doesn’t work that way. He will lay the path of success for you Michael and you follow it!

He loves you

Michael Lafenhagen

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