Proverbs 12 5/2/14

God, THANK YOU for the $40 yesterday. That was amazing! I was thinking about stealing, but You wanted to take care of me and You did because You love me! I love You, God. Lord Jesus, I love You too. I want my ear to hear You, my mouth to speak for You, and my heart to walk with You. You are amazing and I know You have been working in my life since day 1! I want to keep taking care of business, Lord. bless my mom and grandma. They give me what they can to help their son eat. Bless them God with praise and love. Protect my family with me, Lord. Let me be the shining armor for my family and for You. I want to be Your warrior on this earth, I know I can win Lord. God, take care of Jake in the .army. He is a good man with a big heart that can make it. Lord, watch over him and give him protection like You do with me. You love everyone and I will help them love You back!

Your amazing God! Amen!

Michael Lafenhagen

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