Proverbs 9 4/29/14

Lord, I got knocked down one day after another with school. Yesterday I felt like I did pretty well on my presentation with my group in chemistry. I have to keep trying to develop an education. I have to learn to stay focused on the task at hand and then know that I’m smart enough to understand that I can conquer any type of homework I have to deal with. We will stick together Lord. I know you are going to carry me to another school where I can shine brighter for you by using the talents you have blessed me with. Having those abilities, I want to be able to live a focused, happy dream-filled life with you. God I know we can put those two together. We do it in sports which is why we are champions and will be again soon enough. Let us also learn how to be scholars in life and education and know it is a building block to success. Being the champion in everything in life that God has blessed us with, we do it all for Him, one step at a time.

He & You Stand Together!


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