Proverbs 6,7,8 4/28/14

My head is still foggy at times, but my stomach is still hungry for the life the Lord wants me to live. The straight path is there for you, Mike.  The Lord loves you no matter what situation or moment you are in. It doesn’t matter who is around you or me, my Lord God is always with me. I know I did have a crazy weekend, but I felt your presence Saturday and Sunday morning. I want to hear you more, Lord. I want you to speak your wise teachings louder into my ear, heart, mind, and body. Discipline me Lord. Push me to come to my limit of development to deserve the love and big picture reward You want me to receive. Two more weeks Lord, just stick with me please. As You know, the school stuff isn’t my thing, but I can finish well and strong because You know I’m a strong person. Push me through these next two weeks. Keep me focused on this school work and when it needs to be done. I am smart Lord. I know I don’t work as hard as I should in school, but I know I am learning at a new capacity. I haven’t pushed like this before. Even though they are only baby steps, I know You will love me Lord. I trust in You and I know You trust in me. We will make it through school work, football, girls, family, and life. All I need is to keep being filled with Your power, love, confidence, wisdom, and maturity. I know I will be okay!

In Lord God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

Amen, Michael Lafenhagen

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