Proverbs 10,11 5/1/14

Dear Lord, pain is still in my heart. I can feel it. I can sense it. I don’t know why because it shouldn’t be there. Where that pain comes into my heart, I want that spot to be Yours Lord! I want You to strengthen my heart, heal the painful spot in my heart and core with your love, loyalty, and forgiveness. Strengthen me. Give me passion and power with confidence as I am with You every day. I want to grow to be a man of eternal life for You. I thank you Lord for everything that You have given me to make this second semester happen. It was the biggest blessing of my life knowing I could come back up here and go to school. Also, I thank You for all the teachings You have brought to me this semester. I mean teachings about You, school, life, people, lifting, love, and happiness. All this wisdom and power you have instilled in me, let’s not let it go to waste. I want more Lord. I am hungry for your blessings. I want my hunger for Your blessings to overcome my hunger of what is on this earth. I have two more weeks Lord, and I want to throw a going away party for myself. God, these next two weeks put me around people that are happy. I have met some great people up here and I thank You, Lord, for that. I feel like I have made an impact of You, Lord, for the right reasons, even though at times it wasn’t the best choice to make. I love You God. I know You will help me find the right woman. The right woman that knows You and together we can build a relationship and great bond with You.

You love me Lord!

I love You, Lord!

Amen, Michael Lafenhagen

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