Proverbs 4

Lord, I had a huge talk with that girl, and the time we spent together was good. Do I seem bad to her? How is my character? We know, Lord, I have two weeks left in this JUCO. Please keep guiding me down the right path so I can learn, live, and love. When times get hard is when I feel the most alone and stressed. I am mostly mad at myself because of the situation I have put my heart through–a situation where I can get hurt. I want to be perceived by men, women and teammates as being a man of God! You are here on earth and ready to share, give, and surrender for us a heavenly earth. As I learn to understand You more and if I’m out numbered, I will focus, speak, and walk with respect to build me for the way You want me to live my purpose/calling for You.

Show me God that everything will be okay no matter what I deal with because You have given me the body, mind, and spirit to handle it in school, football, family, and relationships. Keep helping me to find the real me, the raw me because it’s the only way I know that I am being used here on earth correctly. I will have to face my consequences, but let me be strong enough that my mouth, feet, hands, and eyes go and do what they need to do for Your purpose in my life.

In Your name I pray, Lord,

I Love you forever. Amen,

Michael Lafenhagen

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