Straight path for success to god.

God, Family, School, Football, Friends, Girls

Proverbs 2 4/22/14

I want to understand the wisdom You have spoken to my mind to think about at every giving moment of my day in any situation. That could be good or bad. Mistakes or rewards, Lord, that Your presence and wisdom will guard me to develop in the love, righteousness, and trust with You through You to me. An insight of joy and trust living my life for You, and how You want to mold me to walk the straight path to be successful. Let me learn to love myself as I also love others. The Lord loves me as much as He loves others. Your love is always rewarding. Don’t let me lose sight of that as I finish school here in Chicago. I have made a respectable impact on myself and others here. The ones I didn’t meet, well, I’m sorry Lord. I failed you there. Keep me humble Lord and wise to know that the big picture in my life is coming soon. I just have to trust in You God/Son/Holy spirit!!

Amen, Michael Lafenhagen

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