Proverbs 3 4/23/14

God, I noticed in myself and my outer appearance that I look older and smarter. I think I’m well-put-together and it’s all thanks to You, Lord. I thank You for shaping me. Keep the wisdom and understanding growing in me. That’s all I believe in to live my life for and love for every moment. I’m gaining wisdom and understanding in the good ways of school, football, and buying things to keep me healthy. In life, always remind me, God, that I’m young and to be happy about it, I’m on Your path Lord, and I want to reach that big picture that will happen for me in my life as You said it would. To be successful, God, I keep on getting hit with money and the networking business. Keep me safe, Lord. If you feel I need it now, tell me. Otherwise, I trust You will take care of me and I will get through all this like we planned.

God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, Amen, Michael Lafenhagen

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