What I believe are unhealthy cycles that reward me.

  • One mistake I make is not responding to the Lord with the correct choice when He calls on me.
  • I still try to grow up way to fast. God put me on this earth for great success and the Lord loves me.
  • I know that I’m not perfect. I am who I am. That is Michael Lafenhagen.
  • I need to stop smoking and learn to be guided to where the Lord sees me through.
  • In my life I will hear His Holy Spirit speak and I will have to push towards His calling to understand my calling in the challenges, priorities, and situation I’m in, whether good or bad.
  • I still have trouble with money. God I trust that you come to me and I lean on You in that aspect of my life. I live for God, NOT MONEY.”
  • I will want to build more relationships with men and women that are angels of the Lord. They are humble, living in the truth and light and are leaders in this world to make me a difference with their help and the Lord’s.
  • Trust in the Lord. Trust on the path He leads me on to opening doors, influencing people, gaining knowledge for myself and about myself, learning more and more everyday about me, and where I want my life to be in the Lord’s hands.

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