I’m tired of being bored.

I am always bored at my house. I don’t know why either. I am always telling myself I chose the right place to live in order to get my homework done, the right place to chill, eat right, and finish up school on a good note. Also, I plan on finishing football and to get a scholarship to a very good school that will back me up from here. Now I don’t regret moving here. I have done well with the older guys I live with, but I never do what I know is the right thing to do until my back is against the wall or I’m mad and stressed. I shouldn’t live that way. I am a happy-go-lucky type of personality. I have a level head of understanding how life should go for me with God’s help always around me. I’m tired of living against the wall or being told to wait either by my own mind or people around me. If the reasons are out there now that can help me be who I want to be in life. Why don’t I chase them.?

We say we do the same thing everyday, but it’s just a different day. Well that’s not true for me, one day I will do work and say fuck it the next three days, but then I workout everyday because it is going to help me with my career as a professional athlete.Why don’t I do the same with education? I need education to play football. Education gives you everything you need just like a weight room and football coaches are needed to be successful on the field if you do it RIGHT! Now if you would do education correctly and take advantage of studying, resources, assignments, calendar, and the teachers as a whole, you would be untouchable in whatever you do because it’s the right thing to do. Doing laundry is good to help your character and to understand reputation. If you live everyday the right way, do the right things in that day and the next, tell me if you don’t feel better.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to do my homework when I know it needs to be done soon. I’m suppose to walk in to a conference with my English teacher tomorrow and have a rough draft written on this book with three authors I choose and three outside sources for it!! It irritates me how I can’t manage anything with education just to get it done and turned in. Instead, I would rather sit here and find ways to smoke or get girls over because I’m bored. Well, if you’re bored, Mike, do your homework!!! Get it done! Do you love football? School is the only way you get to play this game you love. I want to be able to give the energy of smoking, friends, and girls in my life and give that energy to my education.

Education is the same thing as all the other stuff you do. I want to be engaged in school. I need to do that! I love this game called football. I want a successful career where I don’t have to go back to school. I want a wife, family, and kids knowing their father made it through this world with God providing him everything to be a man of God , to my career, family, and (hopefully) football at the end of the day. I just want to prove to myself that I can succeed in education through studying, tests, quizzes, and homework. The Lord has given me a mind capacity to handle the education and get it done right. God has provided me with teachers, tutors, and technology for help if I need it. You need school Michael to help you survive in this world and to be rewarded for the dream you want to pursue and conquer. Do the school work? Or nah? Mike.

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