Jesus & God Love Me

(Osteen Miniseries) “ If you had the talents of another person, it wouldn’t help you; it would hinder you. They have a different destiny. Quit trying to out perform others and be happy with who you are”.

I believe that God has created me with a unique gift that has evolved around football. I tell you now I’m blessed to have played four years of college football in Chicago. God has shaped my life, ambition, and dream to be able to live a guided and controlled life as I grow up in this world. No matter where I go, the Lord is with me, The Holy Spirit is surrounding me in the darkest times where I shine in any sport, job, family, friendly event, and relationship. The family He chose to adopt me, He blessed them as they raised me into the man I am today. The church families that showed me there is only one God, a loving one, and at a school district where I was respected and protected of my race. God really does love me and the more I think about it, I know He is here. I love it when He is here because He is my father figure and He loves me enough to have Him in my heart and to spread Him to the people around me by giving them the love and respect because He touches them in there hearts too. Thank you, God, for everything You have put me through. Your path to life was a path of a man who is a warrior. I am a warrior for God and Jesus. We will win this war as we win in everything we go through in our mind or body, good or bad. If we live with the maturity of you Lord, we will grow strong and mature from that situation to be better in the relationships we are in with our Lord.

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