Jesus I love you

It all started when you adopted me to this family of the LAFENHAGEN’s and Bonnell’s in the little town of Sidney from Cook County Chicago. You had something in mind for a boy named Michael Lafenhagen to be someone great in this generation. Not just in Your presence of being a leader, positive guy, and most definitely a motivator to people around him, but You believe I can speak LOUDER! I try to be in this world rather than just thinking and talking about it, and when I get the chance around people that actually want to listen. Jesus, I know you are listening and I want you to know that I WANT TO FINISH THE RACE!!! I want to cross Your finish line in this world to feel free and know You put me on this path for a reason of knowing You for eternity. God, there are a lot of tears I hold back and thoughts that run through my head of killing myself or needing to get off this world fast because if I mess up I can’t handle it. God let me know what You want me to handle in life. I know You will guide me in Your way in mind, body, and spirit. Through the power, courage, and love that You have made a spot in my heart for people (boys/girls) and (men/woman). I can relate and adapt to them all. Thank you for that gift. We live together God everyday, every second, and minute through spirit, mind, and body. We Go through battles of love and hate of miscommunication. It all bothers me, God, but I just want to know the love I have for You and You have for me is ALWAYS OK! Everyday we learn school/work until it’s done. We go lift the weights for God’s love of the blessings He blessed you and me with.

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