“Me giving you me”

How’s everyone doing? I’m a young African American male. Michael Lafenhagen is the name. I’m 27 years old and from the State of Illinois in a little town called Sidney. I jumped on here to express my journal of thoughts and experiences that I’ve been through and to show the way I’ve taught myself to over come them. Also, I will express the identities I’ve created and made known to myself that I am these identities and to live them out through the principles I’ve created and believe in. I hope that these blogs I bring to you will encourage me to keep growing into my identities and principles in order to be a man of a career, family, and wealth. I also want to find people that think like me and have the mindsets I do to break through challenges, obstacles, and characteristics that we live through day in and day out. The journals I will be laying out to you have all been written through college and since I have graduated about three years ago. I have many different ones from sports, life, and faith. Everything is written in free thinking and a freestyle which I believe my life is. For a lot people, life is that way but we forget to rebuild, restore, and renew ourselves and give to what we truly dedicate our life to. #trusttheprocess.

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