A FreeStyle of A LifeStyle

Coach Michael Lafenhagen, -Attitude Coach, I Coach Individuals how to condition their attitude for Balance, Longevity, Prosperity in their health, body, and spirit.

I’m a young African American male. Michael Lafenhagen is the name. I’m 27 years old and from the State of Illinois in a little town called Sidney. I jumped on here to express my journal of thoughts and experiences that I’ve been through and to show the way I’ve taught myself to over come them. Also, I will express the identities I’ve created and made known to myself that I am these identities and to live them out through the principles I’ve created and believe in. I hope that these blogs I bring to you will encourage me to keep growing into my identities and principles in order to be a man of a career, family, and wealth. I also want to find people that think like me and have the mindsets I do to break through challenges, obstacles, and characteristics that we live through day in and day out. The journals I will be laying out to you have all been written through college and since I have graduated about three years ago. I have many different ones from sports, life, and faith. Everything is written in free thinking and a freestyle which I believe my life is. For a lot people, life is that way but we forget to rebuild, restore, and renew ourselves and give to what we truly dedicate our life to. #trusttheprocess.


Young, Wild, Free

The Young- 6 W’s (who, what, when, where, why, how) clearing the clutter in your life, maximizing your time, “knowing where the Young Life in you is the life for you”

The Wild- Saying yes to “self” ( saying yes to the positives and the negtives in your life) commiting to your Calender and self

The Free- The Big “5” in your life (Money, Health, Relationships, to what is greater, you) The needle mover in these area of your life that we can decrease the tension and build freedom in the big “5” in your life!


Conditioning- Unique Body, Healthy Habits, Healthy Foods

Mindset- Beliefs, Unhealthy Behaviors, Emotional Freedom Technique

Preparation- 6w’s Checklist, The Transformation Process, Yes to Self



Habits- techniques how to spend, income creation, family

Behaviors- Fear of money, value your money “self-worth”

Learn your Math- Money Goal Setting, Transformation Process, yes to Self.


Mindset- Say yes to Self, Laser focus building, Revision

Energy- Habits, stress, Fears

Beliefs- Paradigms, Programing, Behaviors


Discipleship- Identity, Beliefs, Mindset

Stewardship- Goal Setting, Habit change, The big 5

Gut Wisdom- Prayer, Revision, Guidance


Nutrition- Healthy/Unhealthy foods, Eating actives, & magic Plate

Nourishment- Water intake plan, Hunger scale, How- to activities

Digestive- 20- minute meal journal, The be Naughty Menu, Sensual Eating

Let’s make something together.

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